Youth/Young Adult

War in Afghanistan and Iraq

Written for the youth market, War in Afghanistan and Iraq gives the background behind those conflicts and relates the experiences of Afghan and Iraqi citizens as they try to eke out a living under the constant threat of violence. It follows the day-to-day lives of the soldiers from the U.S., Canada and Europe, as they train the military, establish medical facilities and repair the infrastructure within these nations so that peace can be restored. Carlton Publishing Group, London (2011)

Battle Tanks – Power in the Field

Hard-cover volume documenting the evolution of the battle tank from the 1960s to the present using combat stories, illustrations and photos – Enslow Publishing

Modern Military Rifles – Fierce Firepower

Hard-cover book discussing modern combat rifles used in today's U.S. military, training and variety of shoulder-type weapons with illustrations and photos
– Enslow Publishing

Our Presidents series

Peterson Publishers
Biographies of American Presidents
Grades 6-8

John Quincy Adams
James Buchanan
Millard Fillmore
Warren G. Harding
Herbert Hoover

Careers in the Transportation Security Administration (Air Marshals)

The hard-cover book documents the many jobs available in the TSA from airport luggage screeners to air marshals using employee interviews, stories and data suopplied by the Office of Homeland Security – Enslow Publishing

Careers in the United States Secret Service and Federal Protective Service

Two U.S. Homeland Security services are featured in this hard-cover book showing career opportunities in each and what is expected of officers, using anecdotes, photos and illustrations – Enslow Publishing

Communication on the Web series
Co-authored with Allison Souter

Enslow Publishing
Building Internet and Web
Communication Skills
Grades 6-8

Researching the Web
Adding Photos, Audio & Video to
Your Web Site
Animating Your Web Site
Creating a Web Site Report