Miscellaneous Projects

Peter, Peter

Short story, Warren Publishing

Buying and Selling Multimedia Services
(including a Guide to Selecting Digital Formats)

Focal Press

This book is about team building and project management of multimedia and internet projects for clients and vendors. It is illustrated with 47 cartoons drawn by Gerry Souter.

The book was adopted as a supplementary textbook by the communications department of Penn State University.


"The book is a valuable resource for all aspects of production planning and execution, including budgeting, staffing and managing projects."
Sue Maier, Senior Editor, AV/Video-Multimedia Producer Magazine, October, 1997

Antique Farm Tractors

Andover Junction Video Productions
This video documentary is part of the Classic Americana Home Video Library.

It completed production in August, 1996 and sold over 25,000 units into 250 markets, picked up by Readers Digest Home Video, Signals, numerous other catalogs and logged over 1,000 views on DirecTV satellite broadcast during its broadcast lifetime.

The program received a National Telly Award in the cable/broadcast category. It is distributed nationally by Goldhil Productions and has international distribution in the U.K. and Australia.