Kilgore's Colt

A story of identities lost and found. In 1912, a down-at-the-heels Spanish-American War veteran reaches rock bottom as a failed bank robber and is thrown together with a Chicago teenager on the run from a ruthless political machine. They come to rest in a small prairie town of Bakersville as "father and son." As they settle into the community, Kilgore's "colt" becomes an unexpected handful. Their grit is tested when they must fight to save their new lives and any hope for a future.

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The Legend of REO Grande

Two horse wranglers, Dixie Dugan and Sonny Jim, in the new 20th Century West trade in their roping horses for a small motor car. They discover adventures, humorous situations, deadly gunplay and battle a natural disaster for their survival – all documented by a feisty female journalist, Clementine Booker, bent on making them all famous as the pulp fiction REO Boys.

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Our Daring Clementine

Dixie, Sonny Jim and Clementine Booker travel to the great forests of the Northwest United to help a friend from the REO Boys' past defend his timber claim under siege by a wealthy lumber baron. They face hired gunmen and corrupt law officers while Clementine discovers a rugged Irish logger. Wild chases, logging trains, aeroplanes and Miss REO Grande battle over more than a few trees.

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The Battle of Bradley Station

Stories about the REO Boy's adventures have made them famous. During the summer of 1911, Clementine Booker, buys an aeroplane and learns to fly. The REO Boys bring their neighbors' cattle herd to the Chicago Stock Yards. Dixie saves a gangster's life. Sonny Jim falls for one of the gangster's prostitutes while helping make a silent movie. Clem and the REO Boys rescue the girl from the city. The gangster sends a murderous gang to the sleepy town of Bradley to collect his revenge.

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reo boys in hollywood cover


The Reo Boys in Hollywood

A failed bank robbery in their home town of Bradley draws Dixie and Sonny Jim into tracking a dead outlaw’s stolen body and the thieves to California and the dirt street town of Hollywoodland. They join up with their friends at Excelsior Pictures who are under siege by a movie making monopoly headed up by Thomas Edison. The conclusion has the boys battling hired thugs on a film location alongside Tom Mix and Hoot Gibson while Clementine Booker wages her own flight for survival in a machine gun dog fight above the California hills.


To save their centuries-old heritage, the urban enclave of Little Carpathia contacts Lazlo Goldman to produce a film promoting property to sell to a prominent developer. A biker gang, the Carpathian Gypsies, will act as "security" for the production. Nervous about the project, Lazlo asks an old friend and former CIA operative, Jake Horvak, for help. Deadly events force Horvak to dredge up his old skills – and personal demons. The lethal, explosive conclusion rampages through the night streets as Little Carpathia battles for its existence.