Historical Non-Fiction


American Shooter – A Personal History of Gun Culture
in the United States

A historic narrative of the history of America's gun culture interwoven with the experiences of a 50 year veteran of that culture, Souter accepts the label,
"A Liberal in the NRA." Its text walks a line between the warring factions of pro-gun bullying and anti-gun lunacy, discovering a third path between the two camps. America's shooting sportsmen and women deserve a better reawakening of a 300-year tradition. Once a disconnect is made between weapons of war and the exciting possibilities of nationally recognized shooting sports, the media and the political finger-pointers on both sides can relax and participate in the rich heritage that builds character, respect and a keen eye. Potomac Books, Dulles, VA (2011)

hnf_Founding of US  

Founding of the United States Experience – 1763-1815
First Edition

This slipcased hardcover oversize volume documents the first fifty years of the United States including illustrations, maps and 33 facsimile copies of removable historically accurate memorabilia. Distributed in U.S. by Random House Publishing, Carlton Publishing Group, London.


Founding of the United States Experience – 1763-1815
Second Edition

A second edition of Founding of the United States Experience (the first edition sold over 50,000 copies) was requested in 2010. This Young Adult version simplified some of the original text and was published un-boxed in a unique folio hardcover binding and still included much of the inserted memorabilia that made the original so distinctive.

hnf_Vietnam War Exp  

Vietnam War Experience – 1940-1976

The Vietnam War Experience explores the wars and turmoil in Southeast Asia from the Japanese takeover in Vietnam in 1940 to the consolidation of the country under Communist rule in 1975-76. Through removeable facsimiles of actual period memorabilia, maps, illustrations, photos and text, that troubled history comes to life.


Founding Fathers: The Shaping of America

This book tells the story of six formidable Americans—George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison—and how they persevered for fifty years of battle and bare-knuckle government to forge a nation. Fully illustrated, with fifteen removable facsimile documents bring the era and events to life. Carlton Publishing Group, London (2009)


The American Fire Station

A hardcover history of American firehouse architecture, fire fighters and fire fighting apparatus. MBI Publishing, St. Paul, MN.

Since its publication, The American Fire Station is in its third MBI printing and is also being printed in a special edition by Barnes & Noble under the title, Fire Stations.


"...We enjoyed it and recommend it for anyone interested in fire fighting history"
Amazon.com, 1998

"...Nicely illustrated with a strong historical record and wide diversity of fire fighting subjects to interest any fire buff."
The Visiting Fireman, 1999

"...This history of fire houses opens from Revolutionary times and takes us through post-World War II covering changes not only in architecture, but also in equipment, technology and training. Excellent photography and compelling, easy-to-read text ... a must for all fire fighting fans."
Antique Autos Magazine, July, 1999


The Chicago Air and Water Show—A History of Wings above the Waves

The largest such spectacle in the world, the Chicago Air and Water Show draws over three million people to the lakeshore for a weekend of free high-powered entertainment. This book tells it all - from the dawn of flight to the howling blast of jet fighters. History Press, Charleston, SC. (2010)

"Thank you for the wonderful book about the Chicago Air & Water Show." Mayor Richard M. Daley

"Gerry and Janet have knocked it out of the park with their Wings above the Waves." Sean Tucker, Air show pilot


The Burlington Zephyrs

The Burlington Zephyrs is a technical study of invention and development that looks at the series of streamlined trains created in 1934, which set speed records and changed the way passenger trains and modern aircraft would be built in the future. The Burlington Zephyrs were the definition of "streamlining" and gave Americans hope during the Great Depression that their country faced an optimistic future.

Author, historian, and train expert Gerry Souter enhances his informative historical survey with 100 color and 200 black/white photographs, making "Burlington Zephyrs' a core addition to personal and academic Railroading History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.
Midwest Book Review

hnf_am toy train  

The American Toy Train

MBI Publishing
An exploration of the toy train from the 18th Century to the present.


Lionel - America's Favorite Toy Trains

MBI Publishing
Resulting from our previous book, The American Toy Train, this hardcover volume of 150 color photos and 45,000 words of text examines the history of Lionel toy trains from 1900 to the present.


Lionel Classic Toy Trains

MBI Publishing
A soft cover photo and text book of 20,000 words and 80 color images of Lionel's growth from 1901 to 1969.


Modern Toy Trains

MBI Publishing
The final soft cover sequel in the toy train saga featuring Lionel trains from 1970 to the present.


American Flyer - A Legacy of Fine Toy Trains

Barnes & Noble
A hardcover history of Lionel's rival for 60 years, American Flyer toy trains. The story looks at American Flyer and its two companies and their owners who created those trains from 1910 to 1967 when the brand was bought by Lionel.