Media Consultation

Museum and Exhibit Consultation, writing and historical research

The broad base of our knowledge has invited queries from museum and design companies to join their teams as historical consultants and writers. What we offer besides the expertise gathered over ten years of writing histories and biographies for main stream publishers is a thorough knowledge of the production process.

Gerry Souter spent 11 years creating media for exhibits, both portable and permanent, as producer, director and writer with bottom-line responsibility. When necessary, he also served as photographer, cinematographer, software designer and spent as much time in the sound stage, editing suite or audio recording studio as he did behind a keyboard. His clients included Nissan, AT&T, Mars Candy, Jack Morton Associates, pharmaceutical companies and the production house, Motivation Media. Understanding deadlines, spreadsheets and media applications helps us to efficiently contribute to your teams’ efforts.

We offer much more than academic or literary resources when it comes to adapting historical and biographical material to the needs of a project with deadlines and a finite budget. We can become part of your team, combining scholarship with production savvy.