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Gerry and Janet Souter
formed Avril 1 Group, Inc. in 1995. Today, they are among the most sought after and prolific writing teams internationally with 50 titles on book store shelves and in catalogs as of this year.

Their associated skills include photography, editing, pen-and-ink illustration, lecturing to groups and consulting with museum and exhibit design companies.


Gerry Souter has been a writer, producer, director and media project manager for over 20 years. His background includes:

  • Four years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and University of Chicago graduating with a B.A.E. and Honors in Photography.
  • Two years as a staff photographer with the Chicago Tribune
  • Two years with the Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity documenting Chicago's social problems
  • Seven years as a freelance photojournalist traveling around the world writing and producing film documentaries, magazine articles, restaurant reviews and advertising photography
  • Eight years with Motorola buying, writing, producing and shooting films, video programs and written materials for national and international markets.
  • Eleven years with Motivation Media,Inc., a video-commercial-business communications production house writing and producing award-winning programs for business and public domain including: interactive training and multimedia, documentaries, commercials, infomercials, trade show exhibits and satellite broadcast programs. He wrote most of the proposals for his projects and had a very high success rate. He has studied film directing with Paul Gray, cinematography with Vilmos Zsigmond and participated in stage design and pioneering concepts in video walls, projection systems, multimedia and graphic animation.
  • Twelve years as an author and creative director, Avril 1 Group, Inc.


Janet Souter is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After careers in graphic arts and the travel industry, she turned her sights to writing and editing. Her titles include Georgia O'Keeffe, Arlington Heights, Illinois - Downtown Renaissance and Camille Claudel. She has written articles for the Chicago Tribune, Northwest Quarterly and Early American Life magazines, and others.

Janet is a former community news coordinator and feature writer for the Daily Herald newspapers. The Souters' three children all have careers in the creative arts.




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